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A Wish Come True

Lindsay Corwin is celebrating her birthday with her family and her lifelong best friend who has been secretly in love with her for many years. As she blows out the candles, Lindsay makes a wish and writes it down, just as she has every birthday since she turned five. In her 25th year, she wishes to find her true love.

Una desafortunada chica el día de su cumpleaños de repente recibe todo lo que siempre deseó, sólo para darse cuenta de la vida feliz que siempre soñó estaba justo en frente de ella todo el tiempo.

Cast: Megan Park (Secret life of an American Teenager), Benjamin Hollingsworth (Code Black), Dean Cain

Producer: Muse Entertainment

Romantic Comedy

Canada - 2015

120 min
Original Language: ENG

Dubbing Language: FRA, PRT
Rights Available: LatAm

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