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APRIL 19,  2024

Fourth in a series on broadcast network series renewals. Fox is looking forward to the 2024-25 season after a strike-disrupted 2023-24 lineup which featured only three live-action scripted series, returning dramas The Cleaning Lady and Alert and comedy Animal Control, with the network’s top drama series, 9-1-1: Lone Star MIA.

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MARCH 5,  2024

Yung starred alongside Canto in the first two seasons of The Cleaning Lady. She wasn’t able to give many details about how the story may have changed in the wake of Cantos’ death, only that she hopes audiences will feel like they honored his character.


MAY 18,  2023

La compañía para este año, planea concluir la producción del film biográfico musical Milly, que está 60% terminada y en espera de completar el budget de producción para el shooting en Nueva York.


MAY 16,  2023

Rose Marie Vega, presidenta de RMVISTAR, comentó que en LA Screenings estarán presentando Milly, una película musical inspirada en la vida de la cantante dominicana Milly Quezada y que muestra el poder de la mujer latina  no solo a través de la protagonista, sino también detrás de cámaras, con la multipremiada directora, guionista y productora Leticia Tonos.


FEBRUARY 1,  2023

“After two heart-pounding seasons, we’re thrilled with how audiences have latched on to this incredible story,” said Michael Thorn, president of scripted programming for Fox Entertainment. “The cast, led by the incomparable Élodie Yung, along with our brilliant creative team and our partners at Warner Bros. Television have expertly crafted a highly compelling, emotionally-driven show that gives a perspective you don’t often see on television.”

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JANUARY 26,  2023

RMVistar is the Los Angeles-based distributor that brought Argentinian telenovela La chica que limpia to Fox in the US as The Cleaning Lady and the company is now hunting partners for its latest project, a drama about Dominican merengue superstar Milly Quezada.

Company president Rose Marie Vega talked to Jonathan at Content Americas about the project, originally conceived as a movie but now likely to end up a series, and about the importance of telling authentic Latin and US Hispanic stories.

Diseño sin título (9).png

JANUARY 26,  2023

Vega said the drama would be a story of survival and ambition, about a Latina who achieved her dreams.

“There are not many Latina women who have had this level of success and we’re proud to be working with this living legend. It’s another Spanish-language project that is the perfect Latinx story.”

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NOVEMBER 11,  2022

A similar dynamic is at work in the hyper-successful The Cleaning Lady on Fox, long championed by EP Rose Marie Vega, in which an illegal immigrant former doctor, trying to get bone marrow treatment for her son, scratches a living as a cleaning lady until she witnesses a murder and is recruited by criminals to tidy up their crime scenes as a handy alternative to being killed.

Diseño sin título (6).png

NOVEMBER 7,  2022

Rose Marie Vega, presidenta de RMVISTAR, se hizo presente en el Santo Domingo Film & Content Market apoyando esta iniciativa como parte de los panelistas invitados para hablar sobre Contenidos, Producción y Distribución Internacional.  

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OCTOBER  31,  2022

La vida de la reina del merengue Milly Quezada ha sido la inspiración para la producción de este primer largometraje musical de ficción dominicano, bajo la dirección de Leticia Tonos y con el auspicio de Cervecería Nacional Dominicana.


OCTOBER 17,  2022

The juicy drama tells the story of a Filipino-Cambodian immigrant who becomes involved with the mob, and is giving a new voice to a community that rarely sees itself on screen.

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OCTOBER 5, 2022

Together, “The Cleaning Lady” and “Monarch” helped earn Fox its most-watched fall Monday since Dec. 2, 2019, with an average 5.8 million total viewers in Live + 7.

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

Video Interview: The Cleaning Lady’s Miranda Kwok

The show, based on the Argentinean series La chica que limpia, comes from Miranda Kwok, a veteran of the Hollywood studio circuit. Kwok tells TV Drama Weekly about bringing marginalized voices to U.S. network television.


JULY  14, 2022

Congratulations Milly Quezada for the Award Luis Augusto Caminero in the Category Dominican Republic Brand!
A great artist, empowered and hardworking woman who has succeeded and broken stereotypes through the years.
Milly Quezada, "The Queen of Merengue''!


JUNE  28, 2022

Executive producer and series developer Miranda Kwok was in Austin for ATX Television Festival, and she spoke about the show including its storylines surrounding sensitive topics like immigration, healthcare, and representation.

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MAY 27, 2022

As we celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Month, I have to express how grateful I am to have such an amazing platform to tell stories that represent voices and perspectives that are now embraced in mainstream media.

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MAY 24, 2022

‘The Cleaning Lady’: How Representation and Authenticity Drove the Fox Drama’s Storytelling | Wrap Video

Star Elodie Yung and exec producers Miranda Kwok and Melissa Carter detail the making of the show as part of the ”How I Did It“ video series

thewrap (2).png


MAY  20, 2022

Rose Marie shared with TVmas Magazine about RMVISTAR's approach and how she has continued to bring bold, original and engaging stories over the years.

💫Find this story in the May-June print edition of TVMAS Magazine, page 18.

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MAY 24,  2022

FOX’s hit new series, The Cleaning Lady, has officially been renewed for season two! This news should come as no surprise considering that the midseason drama ranked in the top five for new broadcast dramas, is Hulu’s most streamed FOX debut ever and is FOX’s most watched new drama series in two years. All that leads to a smashing success that certainly warrants a renewal.

TXL (1).png


APRIL  07, 2022

“This heart-pounding, emotionally driven story has captivated audiences across all platforms with its empowering, suspenseful narrative about an undocumented worker forced to navigate the criminal underworld to save her ailing son’s life,” said Michael Thorn, president of Fox Entertainment.

The Cleaning Lady 2 season.png


MARCH 14, 2022

By the time The Cleaning Lady‘s freshman finale came to an end on Monday night, Thony De La Rosa had 1) disentangled herself from a sticky legal situation, 2) gained access to the Barsamian syndicate’s substantial finances, which she now controls, and 3) swatted away the mosquito that is FBI Agent Garrett Miller, at least for the time being.

Copia de TCL-Finale (1).png


MARCH 10, 2022

When Elodie Yung got the call to star in Fox's The Cleaning Lady, she couldn't have been more thrilled. "It was the role I'd been waiting for," she says of Thony De La Rosa, a quickwitted Cambodian doctor who comes to the U.S. for medical treatment to save her ailing son, only to be drawn into the world of organized crime.

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FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Candace Cameron Bure is back on Hallmark with a new movie. The Full/Fuller House star is also known for her role as Aurora Teagarden in the eponymous film series, and her newest one promises to be full of twists and turns that Hallmark Movies & Mysteries fans love. 

Copia de TCL-Finale.png


JANUARY 3, 2022

Élodie Yung leads the crime drama as a Cambodian doctor and mother who is forced to work as an undocumented cleaning lady in the U.S. — and then as a cleaner for the mob.

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JANUARY 3, 2022

Credit where due: There’s something admirable about “The Cleaning Lady’s” attempt to use the tools of genre to illuminate the plight of undocumented immigrants. Fox’s new drama series, based on Argentina’s “La Chica Que Limpia,” centers on Thony (Élodie Yung), a Cambodian doctor who, having emigrated to the U.S., finds herself ensnared in the world of organized crime

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DECEMBER 29, 2021

Vega most recently teamed with Warner Bros. to develop an American version of the Argentinian hit series The Cleaning Lady, which debuts on Fox January 3. RMVISTAR also recently sold the exclusive North American streaming rights to award-winning animated short film Anacronte to HBO Max and WarnerMedia OneFifty.

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DECEMBER 14, 2021

The Cleaning Lady also stars Jay Mohr, Shiva Negar and newcomers Valentino and Sebastien LaSalle, among others, and is set to debut on Fox on January 3. Kwok and Carter exec produce with Michael Offer, Shay Mitchell, Rose Marie Vega and Paola Suarez. 

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DECEMBER 10, 2021

Lou Diamond Phillips and his daughter, Gracie Phillips, have signed on to guest star on the upcoming Fox drama “The Cleaning Lady,” Variety has learned exclusively. This will mark the first time the father-daughter duo has acted together onscreen.

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NOVEMBER  19, 2021

Fox's The Cleaning Lady is coming.

Based on the Argentine series, the upcoming drama follows Cambodian doctor Thony (Elodie Yung), who comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her ailing son, Luca (Valentino and Sebastien LaSalle).

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NOVEMBER 08, 2021

Fox is out with midseason dates for its new series Monarch, The Cleaning Lady and Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer along with the returns of 9-1-1 Lone Star and I Can See Your Voice.

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The 3DCG animated film, licensed from RMVISTAR, tells the story of the Anacronte and Sorcerers of Evil’s tragic cost to humanity, with only death and grief bringing people together; watch it now on HBO Max.

screen 1.png



HBO Max y WarnerMedia OneFifty anunciaron la adquisición de los derechos exclusivos de streaming en EEUU para el cortometraje animado Anacronte, de RMVistar, que se estrenó en HBO Max el 15 de septiembre.

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TodoTV News


The three-part 3D CGI animated short film, produced by Mr. Bug Studio in collaboration with Raúl Koler debuted on the large streaming platform on 15th September following several other deals secured by the distributor earlier this year.

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Señal News


HBO Max and WarnerMedia OneFifty have partnered to acquire the exclusive North American streaming rights from RMVISTAR for the animated short film Anacronte, premiering on HBO Max on September 15. WarnerMedia OneFifty is also developing Anacronte as a multimedia project. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-16 at 3.39.49 PM.jpeg



HBO Max y WarnerMedia OneFifty se asociaron para comprar a RMVISTAR los derechos exclusivos de transmisión del cortometraje animado Anacronte, que se estrenó en HBO Max el miércoles. WarnerMedia OneFifty también está desarrollando la historia como un proyecto multimedia.




HBO Max and WarnerMedia OneFifty have partnered to acquire the exclusive North American streaming rights from RMVISTAR for the animated short film Anacronte, premiering on HBO Max on September 15. WarnerMedia OneFifty is also developing Anacronte as a multimedia project.

Produ- anacronte 2.png


JUNE 23 2021

Rose Marie Vega, quien hace diez años se independizó y creó RMVISTAR como una boutique independiente de distribución, se lanza a la producción con historias originales, fuertes y atrapantes. Así lo confirmó en #PRODUprimetime con Ríchard Izarra.



JUNE 23 2021

México está en deuda con BTF Media, la casa productora de muchas muy buenas series como Hasta que te conocí, El César y El secreto de Selena. 




JUNE 08 2021

RMVISTAR, empresa distribuidora de Rose Marie Vega, adquirió los derechos mundiales para todas las plataformas de Finding Grace (13x30´) y Vampyra, un par de formatos de series del célebre guionista de cine y televisión Barney Cohen.

produ barney.png


JUNE 08 2021

La empresa de distribución se hizo con los derechos mundiales para todas las plataformas de Finding Grace y Vampyra, dos formatos de series del destacado guionista de cine y televisión, Barney Cohen.

barney- ttv.png

Todo TV

JUNE 08 2021

LA-based distributor RMVISTAR has picked up worldwide rights for two scripted formats from Forever Knight creator Barney Cohen.

C21 BARNEY.png


JUNE 03 2021

From “Luis Miguel: The Series” to “Selena: The Series” and “Isabel: The Intimate Life of Isabel Allende,” the supply for stories about famous Latinos, Latinas and Spaniards has suddenly started to surge.

Blanco Azul Mar Cita Inspiradora Frankli


JUNE 04 2021

Rose Marie Vega, Fundadora y Presidente de RMVistar, explica cómo se llevó el acuerdo para que la miniserie “Isabel” llegue a HBO Max, mientras describe sus próximos objetivos como productora y distribuidora independiente.

rm se;al.png

Señal News

MAY 25 2021

La distribuidora RMVistar encabezada por su fundadora y presidenta, Rose Marie Vega, se ha asegurado los derechos mundiales de la película de misterio, Jupía (2021), coescrita y producida por la ganadora de múltiples premios, Leticia Tonos, y Julietta Rodríguez.

daily jupia.png

The daily television

MAY 24 2021

Rose Marie Vega, fundadora y presidenta de RMVISTAR, anunció que la compañía, que celebra su décimo aniversario este año, se ha asegurado los derechos mundiales de la película de misterio Jupía (2021), co-escrita y producida por la ganadora de múltiples premios Leticia Tonos y Julietta Rodríguez.

jupia prensario.png


MAY 25 2021

US broadcast network Fox has greenlit two scripted series, one an adaptation of an Argentinian show and the other a multi-generational musical drama set in the world of country music.



MAY 18 2021

The show looks like a look into motherhood, the struggles of immigrants in America, and the desperation that comes with protecting the ones you love, no matter the cost. Yung is a powerhouse and getting to see her shine as Thony is going to be a treat for fans everywhere.



MAY 18 2021

RMVISTAR, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has secured worldwide rights to mystery-laced film “Jupía” from producer and co-writer Leticia Tonos.

Jupia variety.jpg


MAY 13 2021

La nueva producción mexicana de WarnerMedia Latin America, el thriller policial La muchacha que limpia, se estrena el domingo 20 de junio, exclusivamente por HBO, la serie cuenta la historia de una madre dispuesta a mancharse las manos para salvar a su hijo.

la muchacha.png


MAY 7 2021

Fox continues to bolster its 2021-22 schedule.

The network has handed out a series order to The Cleaning Lady, a mob drama starring Elodie Young that is based on an Argentine series.

The Cleaning Lady- Hollywood

The Hollywood Reporter

MAY 7 2021

Fox has handed a series order to The Cleaning Lady, its adaptation of the Argentinean drama starring Daredevil and The Defenders alum Elodie Yung.



MAY 7 2021

Fox has ordered the drama series “The Cleaning Lady” for the 2021-2022 broadcast season.

The Cleaning Lady- Variety.png


APRIL 21 2021

As LA-based prodco and distributor RMVistar celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, founder Rose-Marie Vega reveals how it has had to adapt to a fast-changing industry and what the future holds.

RM Vega.jpeg


APRIL 12 2021

RMVISTAR se ha asegurado los derechos mundiales de Anacronte, el cortometraje de animación 3D CGI producido por Mr. Bug Studio, uno de los principales estudios de animación y contenido transmedia con sede en Argentina, en colaboración con Raul Kohler.



APRIL 12 2021

The film has been awarded by 130 festivals and was considered for over 300 festival selections. The company has also acquired worldwide distribution rights to "Eloize," which is set to be presented to international buyers during this year's MIPTV 2021.



APRIL 09 2021

RMVISTAR Founder and President Rose Marie Vega announced that the company has secured worldwide rights to Anacronte, a 3D CGI animated short film produced by Mr. Bug Studio in collaboration with Raul Kohler. Mr Bug is one of the leading animation and transmedia content studios based in Argentina.



APRIL 09 2021

RMVISTAR aseguró los derechos mundiales de Anacronte, el cortometraje animado en 3D CGI producido por el estudio de animación y contenido transmedia Mr. Bug Studio, con sede en Argentina, en colaboración con Raúl Kohler.

POSTER 2.jpg


APRIL 09 2021

Global distribution-production company 

RMVISTAR has acquired global rights to the multi-award-winning animated short “Anacronte,” produced by leading Argentine animation house Mr. Bug Studio in collaboration with the film’s co-director Raúl Koler.



MARCH 02 2021

March honors the trailblazing women of history, and television is joining in by highlighting their triumphs and life stories.



MARCH 03 2021

El acuerdo incluye nueve películas en la colección Aurora Teagarden Mysteries de RMVistar, así como las dos películas navideñas Double Holiday y It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-05 at 3.16.17 PM.


MARCH 03 2021

La fundadora y presidenta de RMVISTAR, Rose Marie Vega, anunció hoy que la compañía ha renovado su acuerdo de licencia para América Latina con NBCUniversal International Networks para nueve películas en su colección de Aurora Teagarden Mysteries (Filme 1-9) protagonizada por Candice Cameron Bure.



MARCH 02 2021

Rose Marie Vega, fundadora y presidenta de RMVISTAR, anunció que renovaron su acuerdo de licencia para América Latina con NBCUniversal International Networks para nueve películas en su colección de Aurora Teagarden mysteries (90’, películas 1-9), que protagoniza Candace Cameron Bure.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 14.55.27.png


MARCH 02 2021

RMVISTAR signed a renewal of its Latin American licensing deal with NBCUniversal International Networks.



MARCH 02 2021

NBCUniversal (NBCU) International Networks Latin America has picked up two Hallmark Channel Christmas movies from LA-based distributor RMVISTAR.

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 18.22.16.png



FEB 25 2021

WarnerMedia-owned SVoD service HBO Max has obtained the North American streaming rights to Chilean miniseries Isabel, about the life of writer Isabel Allende.



FEB 24 2021

HBO Max has acquired the North American streaming rights to the three-part miniseries from Megamedia Chile ISABEL from director Rodrigo Bazaes. Based on the life of Isabel Allende, the world’s most widely read Spanish-language author and a tireless fighter for human rights, the limited series premieres on HBO Max on FRIDAY, MARCH 12.



FEB 24 2021

"Of course, your life can appear very glamorous when it's narrated that way, especially for the screen. Was that my life really? The events are true and most of the emotions are true. I totally approve of it," the legendary author says of Isabel.



FEB 24 2021

HBO Max adquirió los derechos de transmisión en Norteamérica de la miniserie de tres partes, Isabel, producción de Megamedia Chile. La miniserie está dirigida por Rodrigo Bazaes. Debutará en HBO Max EE UU el viernes 12 de marzo.



FEB 24 2021

La miniserie de 3 episodios sobre la vida de la escritora latinoamericana Isabel Allende, producida por MegaMedia (Chile), se estrenará el 12 de marzo en HBO Max (USA).



FEB 24 2021

La miniserie de tres episodios, producida por Megamedia y basada en la vida de Isabel Allende, hará su debut en la plataforma OTT en EEUU el viernes 12 de marzo.

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 14.43.32.png


FEB 16 2021

La serie llegará a Estados Unidos en exclusiva a través de VIX, plataforma de streaming gratuito en español, gracias a su colaboración con Rmvistar. El show tiene 7 capítulos y fue producida por Jaque Content.



JAN 20 2021

RMVistar y One Life Studios anunciaron un acuerdo por el cual la serie argentina producida por Jaque Content será adaptada en India. Se sumará así a versiones en México, EEUU, España y Rusia.



JAN 20 2021

El primer día de NATPE Miami Virtual 2021 ha dejado buenas sensaciones: la plataforma es muy simple de usar, de las más amigables y gráficas que se han generado hasta ahora en el mercado en pandemia. Y los paneles comenzaron con todo, con players líderes haciendo anuncios fuertes, dentro y fuera del evento en sí. Literalmente, el mercado OTT está en ebullición.



SEPT 16 2020

According to Rose Marie Vega, CEO of RMVistar, the flow business due the pandemic situation has shifted its offer to more "Covid-19 friendly" productions and actually they are working on several projects mainly for digital platform with shorter running time episodes. The company is participanting at VSA edition with project offer for diferent media.



MAY 08 2020

RMVistar, the distributor company leaded by Rose Marie Vega it’s stressing its presence at Virtual Screening to promote its recent motto strategy ‘A new world of content’ which pretends representing original, strong and engaging stories. And therefore, the company it’s also focus to continue looking for formats and developing projects from different genres and for different platforms.



APRIL 22 2020

La fundadora y CEO de RMVistar, destacó que esta etapa les permite revisar los contenidos que llegan a sus manos y elegir los nuevos títulos a lanzar, además de preparar su nueva producción “El cuaderno rojo”.



APRIL 15 2020

La crisis generada por el covid-19 no ha detenido la marcha de RMVistar. La distribuidora de Rose Marie Vega avanza en la ampliación de su librería, en la búsqueda de OTT de todo el mundo para colocar sus productos y en desarrollos para la coproducción internacional.

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 15.48.29.png


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