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Rose Marie Vega: Cast & Crew

Rose Marie Vega

President & Founder

Throughout her career in the global entertainment and media business, Rose Marie Vega has been widely recognized for working at and with many of the industry’s leading studios and content platforms involving some of the most popular hit shows of our time.  Start with her Latina heritage and California roots, mix in the experiences she gained from living in New York, Paris, Mexico and Los Angeles and you begin to grasp the multi-cultural flavor that the multi-lingual Ms. Vega brings to her work and industry relations.


Known for her hands-on approach, Ms. Vega’s experience ranges from executive roles in business affairs at Lorimar and Universal Television to international sales at the major studios,  representing global hits including NBCU’s Will & Grace, Alliance Atlantis Communications’ CSI franchises and HBO’s True Blood, to name a few.  This has provided Ms. Vega with a wealth of knowledge that spans the universes of content creation, marketing and distribution.


In 2011, leveraging her corporate insights and a highly successful E&M track record, Ms. Vega launched RMVISTAR.  The independent company initially focused on promoting Latin American productions in new markets. RMVISTAR then expanded beyond the growing,

Spanish speaking markets, to represent well-known producers in the Americas and around the world.


Utilizing Ms. Vega’s inherent abilities to recognize talent with strong potential upside, RMVISTAR - as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary - is now actively seeking out a unique and compelling slate of bold, original and engaging creative IP for development and production.


The company’s efforts and focus  has directly led to the optioning by Warner Brothers Television (WBTV) of format rights for Jaque Content’s hit Argentina crime series The Cleaning Lady (aka La Chica que Limpia), to development and co-production project agreements with major studios for the U.S. and LatAm platforms. Similarly, RMVISTAR has also ramped up its content representation activities, adding yet another fertile revenue stream to its blossoming dossier.


Ms. Vega is a member of The Television Academy of Arts & Sciences and The International Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences.  A highly sought-after speaker, she has addressed key industry topics at NATPE and The OMNI Cultural Festival.

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